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Beaver traps – beaver trap – trapping supply – humane box trapWhat Damage do beaver do?
The water is rising in the basement and flooding the driveway, and as you inspect the back creek, you come across a pile of sticks, a neatly packed dam, and the SLAP of a beaver tail.

What bait should I use for beavers?
Aquatic plants, twigs and bark of aspen, cottonwood, and willow are preferred but beavers will eat the twigs and bark of most kinds of deciduous trees and small shrubs and brush.

Where should I place beaver traps?
Place the trap near soft soil close to rivers, streams and other waterways.

PRO Series Large Animal Folding Trap

This Folding trap is extra large measuring 50” x 19” x 24” That makes this humane trap perfect for Beaver. This is the largest folding trap on the market today and folds down for fast, easy storage. This folding trap features double trap door locks, extra carry handles & extra heavy duty steel frame construction. Made from long lasting GalvaPerm wire. This folding trap was designed with a strong frame that allows you to replace any wire that could be torn by strong animals. With this trap you can cut away any torn wire and place new wire on the steel frame supports and attach. This is a single door trap. Very easy to use, you just release the animal through the trap door. FREE SHIPPING - Our largest trap!

Save on this Big 50” Folding Trap NOW $169.95!!
50"L x 19"W x 24H"

Our Price 169.95


Professional Rear Release Box Traps

The most rigid and durable traps on the market. Constructed of long lasting GalvaPerm wire. This revolutionary coating provides up to three times longer life than galvanized-after-weld wire. Mounted with reinforced spring loaded front door. Steel reinforcing around trap body. Fully assembled and easy to set.

"It arrived today in perfect condition, it is a lot better than the one the county lends out.  I am thrilled with my purchase." -S.N.

48" long x 15" x 22"
Our Price $219.99

Please note, we sell wildlife traps and wildlife bait. We do not guarantee that you will catch anything. We do not guarantee that an animal will eat the bait. We do not teach you how to trap any animals. If you have never trapped, or do not feel you can, please contact a professional trapper in your area. NO TRAPS ARE RETURNABLE ONCE USED. NO BAIT IS RETURNABLE ONCE OPENED.

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