squirrel traps and humane squirrel control to limit home damageWhat Damage to squirrels do?
Squirrels are very cute until they become a pest around structures. If they enter a building, they are capable of doing damage to a multitude of objects because of their chewing behavior. The most common entry point for squirrels is the attic, which they may enter by chewing a hole into a gable or
other susceptible area. In other cases, squirrel will chew into soffits areas and make themselves quite comfortable there.

Once in the attic or soffit, they may nest and eventually reproduce with a litter of several young. In an attic, there is potential for damage to stored goods as well as to wiring with the potential for fire due to gnawing of those wires. Droppings from squirrels may also be a nuisance. If squirrels enter a home through a door or garage, they may do damage to furniture and upholstery in an effort to escape. In other cases, squirrels may do damage outdoors by chewing on structures, screens, lawn furniture, plants or digging in the grass.

What bait should I use for squirrels?
Cereal, grains, nuts (especially peanuts) sunflower seeds, anise oil (a drop or two on bread), shelled corn, apples work well for bait.
Mixed peanut butter and oatmeal or peanut butter and molasses, popcorn. One trapper swears by almond extract on bread as bait to tempt the nearest squirrel.

Where should I place squirrel traps?
Check the route that is used most often and set the trap in the appropriate place.
You may have to trap several squirrels to solve the problems that you are experiencing. Do not leave the squirrel in the trap overnight as they are a nervous animal and may die. Check the trap often and if in agreement with local and state laws, release the animal in a suitable habitat at least 5 miles away.

Professional Rear Release Box Traps

For cost-efficient squirrel control we recommend our “Rear Release Box Traps” which are available in two sizes, an 18” long Model PRO17 and 24” long Model PRO24. Both of these efficient wildlife traps are constructed with Galfan Wire which incorporates a unique coating providing a lifetime use three times longer than standard weld-galvanized wire materials.

17" long x 5"x 5"
Our Price $39.99
24" long x 7" x 8"
Our Price $54.99

Squirrel Controllers - NOT A TRAP

The controller is built from 1/2" x 1"-16 gauge wire mesh and excludes grey, red and flying squirrels from structures. Mounting wings allow attachment over the entry hole. A one-way gate lets animals easily in, but prevents them from exiting.
A one-way gate lets animals exit from control area, but prevents them from entering.

10" long x 3.5" x 3.5"
Our Price: $34.99
12" long x 5" x 5"
Our Price: $35.99

The above picture shows the controller (53120 & 53110 above) being attached to the trap (53825) below.
This is the controller combined with the multi-catch extender to remove and capture from the roof vent.

Squirrel Multi-Catch Extenders

These Extenders attach to our Squirrel Controller 53110 and are designed to work as a repeating trap, allowing the nuisance animal to be removed from the property.
30" long x 4.8" x 4.8"
Multi-Catch Extender
Our Price: $49.95

SquirrelStop automatic spinning squirrel deterrent

The SquirrelStop® automatic spinning squirrel deterrent safely and harmlessly protects your hanging bird feeder from hungry squirrels. When a squirrel climbs onto the feeder, the increased weight starts the SquirrelStop motor, which spins the feeder and causes the squirrel to jump off. Squirrels soon learn to leave your feeder alone - and birds can enjoy their food undisturbed.

Squirrel Stop
Our Price: $48.99


Trap Covers

Protects animals from direct sun, also aids in capturing skunks and preventing them to see you- they will spray you if they do. Also easy transport for people who fear to pick up the cage with live animals in it. These are palstic and have an ultra-violet inhibitor that blocks the deadly suns rays.
  Does not fit Value Series traps

Cover for 15"- 18" Traps
Our Price: $18.99

Our bait is easy to use, very effective and fast to attract problem squirrels, get your squirrel problems under control quick with our professional grade bait

Safe-Catch Professional Live Bait

This is a Professional Bait that can be used inconjunction with our Live Traps. These baits are Professional Grade paste baits that have been field tested and have been used by Professional Trappers for years.

Safe-Catch - Squirrels
Our Price: $9.99

Squirrel Wildlife Traps-The Humane Catch and Release Design Wildlife Traps.

  • Humane-Catch and Release Design
  • Versatile-Can be used for a variety of Nuisance Animals
  • Easy to Use-No Tools Required
  • Durable-Lasts Up to 3 Times Longer Than Other Traps
  • Affordable-Especially with our Discount Prices!
  • Free Ground Shipping on orders over $100!

Squirrels are very cute in their natural habitat. They do become a nuisance when they use their amazing problem solving abilities to get to a tasty food source or comfortable living arrangement and invade residential and business structures. When inside a structure they have the ability to inflict costly and hazardous damage due to their instinctual chewing behavior, damaging everything from soffits and gables to electrical wiring and plumbing.  This structural damage is not only expensive to repair but can result in deadly fires and structural integrity concerns.

  Seeing squirrels on the roof, getting into the structure through small holes or gaps or hearing "activity" in your attic or roof space, early morning or late afternoon, point to a serious problem which must be addressed as a potential problem.  Squirrels are also "family" oriented and if you have one squirrel, in reality you probably have several, as squirrels are very social and live as a family unit.  Therefore is important to trap and relocate ALL problems squirrels before making needed repairs to avoid a waste of time and money.

 If the point of entry is through a door or garage, squirrels may do damage to pantry's and kitchens scouring for food, as well as, furniture, upholstery and expensive electronics when startled and attempting to escape.

Squirrels can also do considerable outdoor destruction, by chewing on structures, screens, lawn furniture, plants and rooting in grass and landscaping.

The squirrels' urine, droppings, shed hairs, and parasites can also present a serious health hazard to both humans (especially children who play on the ground, sandboxes and outdoor toys) and house pets.

The most effective and humane method of squirrel control is trapping and relocation. 

For cost-efficient squirrel control we recommend our "Rear Release Box Traps" which are available in two sizes, an 18" long Model #52818 and 24" long Model #52824.  Both of these efficient wildlife traps are constructed with Galfan Wire which incorporates a unique coating providing a lifetime use three times longer than standard weld-galvanized wire materials.

We also offer a "squirrel controller" (Model# 53110 (10" long) and Model#53120 (12" long) which allows temporary mounting over a squirrels entry/exit point.  Once in place it allows exit from the structure but prevents re-entry.  These "controllers" when combined with the "Squirrel Multi-Catch Extender" act as a repeating trap allowing both single and multiple squirrels to be trapped and relocated efficiently.

We offer these products at discount prices and include Free Ground Shipping on orders over $100. 

Once you receive your trap, observe the squirrel's traffic patterns and set the trap in the travel routes used most often.  You may have to trap several animals to solve the problem.  Be patient, yet persistent.  Check the trap very often and please do not leave the trapped squirrel(s) in the trap overnight as squirrels are a very nervous animal and the stress experienced in confinement may cause them to die.

Once trapped, the squirrel(s) should be re-located at least 5 miles away.

To bait the trap we recommend our professional bait recipe Safe-Catch Product #53913.  This is a professional grade squirrel bait recipe which has been field tested and proven effective by Professional Trappers for years.  In addition to our Professional bait you may use a combination of cereal, grains, nuts (especially peanuts) sunflower seeds, anise oil (a drop or two on bread), shelled corn, and apples also work well as baiting materials. Mixed peanut butter and oatmeal or peanut butter and molasses, popcorn. One trapper even swears by almond extract on bread as bait to tempt the nearest squirrel.

Yesterday, we finally baited and set the trap with their favorite food (apple pie covered with cinnamon powder). The first squirrel was in the trap in about 15 minutes! In all, we trapped four squirrels within 8 hours. We probably could have caught all four within 2-3 hours, except that I spent a lot of time driving back and forth to the release area about six miles away. I released all four at the same spot, which is in a vast open area with lots of trees, ground cover and ponds. I’m sure they’ll enjoy life there much more than in my back yard.

You were sure right about them being totally food-driven. I put the bait on aluminum-foil “trays” placed behind the trip-plate via the rear sliding door. Once they started eating the bait, they didn’t even notice the trap was shut behind them until they ran out of food. In every case, they not only ate the chunks of apple pie, but also licked the foil clean…no muss, no fuss.

The whole operation went really well…and the trap worked flawlessly.

Thanks again for your tips."

John Kozlik
Scottsdale, AZ

I received my squirrel cage/trap Friday and all I can so it is a wonderful product. It works perfect and is well made. So far I have evicted 6 squirrels and have only a few to go. It’s so easy and after trapped if you place a towel over the trap, the squirrel quickly calms. When releasing I simply life the towel off the exit end of the trap and open the door. The animal quickly leaves and heads for the closet tree. I’m having allot of fun and at the same time removing these cute pests to a better location for me and my neighbors.
Thanks !
Bert Gwaltney
Niceville Florida

Please note, we sell wildlife traps and wildlife bait. We do not guarantee that you will catch anything. We do not guarantee that an animal will eat the bait. We do not teach you how to trap any animals. If you have never trapped, or do not feel you can, please contact a professional trapper in your area. NO TRAPS ARE RETURNABLE ONCE USED. NO BAIT IS RETURNABLE ONCE OPENED.

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